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  • Mt. Fuji Trip ~How to get to Mt. Fuji?~

Mt. Fuji Trip ~How to get to Mt. Fuji?~ Short movies show how you get to and enjoy Mt. Fuji


A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away,,,
Movies, titled Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~ shows you how to go to area of Mount Fuji which is one of the World Heritage in Japan.
In additon, there are many highlight points such as sightseeing points, restaurants, hotel, and so on.
Check the movies out and Let's hit the Mount Fuji!!!


Lila: Traveler

Having a great time for her first time trip to Mt. Fuji

Dai : Tour planner of Mt. Fuji Explorer

Sometimes showing up and let Lila knows how to enjoy the trip

1. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Get strated at Shinjuku ~ Bus Terminal ~ Kawaguchiko Station

Movie telling you "where to get on the bus", "how to purchase a bus ticket" and "a way to enjoy the bus trip"


2. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Kawaguchiko Station ~ Concierge ~ Lunch ~ Mt. Fuji Fifth Station

After getting to Kawaguchio, picking up information with English speaking concierge, having local lunch and getting on the bus bound for Mt. Fuji Fifth Station


  • ■ Where and how to pick up information at Kawaguchiko Station after arrival
  • ■ Map of local bus routes around Mt. Fuji
    URL: http://mtfuji-jp.com/directions/trail/
  • ■ Purchasing bus tickets at box office
  • ■ Enjoying tax free shopping at Gateway Fujiyama (shop at Kawaguchiko Station)

3. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Sightseeing Mt. Fuji Fifth Station

Flourished with climbers!
There are souvenir shops, places to stay with shower instruments, restaurants, and shrine.
Glad to have a chance to see beautiful scene of sea of clouds!


4. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Hotel ~ Dinner ~ Breakfast ~ Onsen (Hot Spring)

Great hotel to stay and delicious dinner with Japanese Sake.
Wonderful service breakfast and Onsen in morning time making a day!


5. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Kachikachi Yama Ropeway ~ Fujiyama Cookie

Beautiful view of Mt. Fuji at top of Kachikachi Yama.
Popular souvenir shop "Fujiyama Cookie", able to see how cookies
made and try some fresh ones.


6. Mt. Fuji Trip ~ How to get to Mt. Fuji? ~
Fuji-Q Highland    Lunch ~ Attraction Rides ~ Shops

Having a great time at awesome theme park "Fuji-Q Highland"!!


Sights & Attractions

Fuji Subaru Line,5th Station–Yoshida entrance

Fuji Subaru Line,
5th Station –Yoshida entrance

The 5th Station of Mt. Fuji is located on the side of Mt. Fuji. It is accessible by buses coming from various stations located at the foot of the mountain.

Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland

This is Japan's uniquely Japanese amusement park. There are loads of rides and attractions for all ages at Fuji-Q Highland, including Guinness World Record holding roller coasters.

Lake Yamanaka

Lake Yamanaka

Since olden times, Lake Yamanaka has been the place to escape Japan’s summer heat. There are many hotels and summer villas lining the waters of the lake and the natural beauty of the surrounding area will amaze you.

Lake Kawaguchi

Lake Kawaguchi

Located on the northern side of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi is a popular destination for tourists seeking views of Mt. Fuji. There are also museums, shops and hot springs to visit and many fun activities, such as fishing and marine sports.